Velocity Billet Compressor Wheel

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REPLACES WICKED WHEEL/STOCK WHEEL: The original “wicked wheel” was simply a stock 1994-97 compressor wheel that was retrofitted into a late model 1999-03 stock turbocharger. The wicked wheel did reduce surging, but it also reduced power. Most customers were happy to be relieved of the surging, so they did not care about the loss of power(6hp on stock truck, see power figures chart below). This BD-Power Billet Compressor Wheel replaces the stock/wicked wheel and removes all surging issues, plus it keeps or increases slightly horsepower over stock compressor wheel. This is a must upgrade part that you will feel!


BD’s new Velocity light weight forged billet and milled 9-blade extended tip compressor wheel will deliver improved performance in comparison to any other replacement wheel on the market.  While others may reduce or eliminate the common surging issue, they do not give any noticeable power gains.  The new forged billet extended tip wheel design delivers quicker spooling and higher boost pressures, resulting in reduced EGT’s, improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.


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